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While there are also 27 lunar mansions in Vedic astrology spread over the four. Beings I am all 4 elements between Sun ascending moon and venus. God gives us clues of our being and the ability to create and manifest between numbers and the stars. New candle, new journal, new growth. Life is beautiful. Fountain Of Youth. Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more of these linkinbio.

Pisces dailyaffirmations mantra love light confirmation messages faith spirit spirituality libraseason summer tarot cards pentacles star starseed change blackgirlmagic ashofcups divine fall readings youtube channel subscribe zodiac signs aquarius. Mostly your rising!

Pisces dailyaffirmations mantra love light confirmation messages faith spirit spirituality libraseason summer tarot cards pentacles star starseed change blackgirlmagic ashofcups divine fall readings youtube channel subscribe zodiac signs libra.

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Last but not least :' suprise, it's not fucking blue. March babies Comment down what month you are born in and tag someone who is born in March!

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Many may not know this but Chiron has been in retrograde since July 8th and will go direct on December 12th. Maybe perhaps take this time to heal whatever wounds occurred between you two not reconcile, that choice is up to you in order for you to be at peace with yourself. Smart yet fashionable bracelet with leather strap personalized with your zodiac sign in inoxidable steel. Versitile, fits with everything and gives off a dominant vibe.. Anyone would LOVE it! Part 2 Credit: natedoesastrology who is a Pisces hate account BTW libramemes scorpiomemes sagittariumemes capricornmemes aquariusmemes piscesmemes.

Signs as Lollipops! Do you like them? Which hurts my teeth but yeah whatever. Lucy LaForge, a. Repeat adventures hiking girlswhohike trails river water treasures slumerican nashville yelawolf hankwilliams3 music pisces outdoors nature gorgeousview stl shrooms peace stl. She keeps me SAFE I keep her WILD.

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In order for love to work we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and trust that our partner will follow through with our nur. Follow alchemistapollo for daily astro forecast. Keep reading below for more information on the transits. Venus in Libra naturally knows how to pause and apply strategy instead of just a quick reaction. When in their detriment or fall, planets are challenged to adjust, to learn, and to further refine the energies symbolized by that planet. No challenging aspects? You can still use the dates below to work with these energies throughout the year as the planet indicated spends time in that sign!

Detriment in Capricorn The Moon and achievement-conscious Capricorn are both related to security but they have opposing views. Capricorn moons will benefit from reevaluating safety and security needs, scheduling time for self-care rituals like massage, and just feeling their feelings. Fall in Scorpio In fixed signs, the Moon wants to hold on to inherited patterns of nurturing, and in fixed Scorpio the art is in learning to let go.

Scorpio Moons are nurtured through in-depth sharing that leads to transformation. Learn to honor your watery depths by getting in touch with more difficult emotions.

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You might try Jungian therapy, group counseling, or another form of therapy where you can share, transform, and release old habits. Emotional communication is a valid form of communication. Dream interpretation or a study of symbols like the Tarot could help bring out the best in this Mercury.

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In order to achieve the highest form of expression, this Mercury could use a dose of Aquarian objectivity to integrate their vision into society. She also rules the Law of Attraction- how you value and feel about yourself ultimately manifests in both your relationships and your bank account. Another challenge comes from dealing with intensity and learning when to say no to excitement and emotional thrills that may lead to financial or emotional problems. Find your own value and trust in the process of regeneration.

Learning to dissolve some of your hyper-awareness through loving self-acceptance the Piscean end of the polarity , and editing internal and external critique is key. The god of war is eager to penetrate the environment. The drive and primal motive will be towards more concrete expressions of Taurus like money and sex.

This placement will have to learn more about the unseen value of experience and presence.


Try exercises like conscious, meditative eating where you pause gratefully for 5 minutes with a meal in front of you before diving in. Notice and observe what comes up without judgment. This Mars placement is learning how to evolve from an impulsive to a refined human being. Mars in Cancers act when they feel safe with their tribe and outside of this familiar context, the impulse to assert the self is repressed.

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This is a sign where Mars is learning courage. Courage comes through assertion of individuality in the world beyond the tribe the Capricorn end of the polarity. Practicing action-oriented activities like martial arts will help build the confidence to express your desires!

Fred Steinmann is a New York-based consulting astrologer who advises entrepreneurs, creative professionals, leaders of thought and industry, and all those searching for clarity, guidance, direction, and inspiration during uncertain times. Fear not, says Patricia Clark Hippolyte! Pluto Retrograde is a super potent moment to embrace our shadow side and let it out into the light….

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All retrograde cycles allow us to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak. Picture it this way. Then, you put the car in reverse and go over it a second time. And then, you put the car in drive and go over the bump a third time. Simple enough! This presents a considerably more challenging situation…. And sometimes we make decisions from a place of insecurity, and end up living a life of deceit rather than face the shit storm.

This is unrefined Pluto energy. Pluto protects us, keeps us on our toes, and magnetizes us to objects of desire. To discover what lessons Pluto retrograde has for you, check out where Pluto retrograde is backing up in your birth chart right now. This means look to the house with 16—19 degrees of Capricorn.

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Astrological Chart for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Jessica Adams | Astrologer

Think change, regeneration, and perhaps a little bit of secrecy and subversion. Embrace whatever is surfacing! On the outside, changes in your relationship to home—repairing your living space or moving entirely. Seeing power plays in partnerships for what they really are. What beliefs have you been blindly holding onto, and where are you getting woke? Patricia Clark Hippolyte has been seeing stars for well over two decades. With international private readings and intensive three-day courses, she reveals astrological ciphers that help people work with their current and future planetary involvements.

Though the stars often shine a painfully bright light on the realities of daily life, remember: starlight is better than no light at all. Put your ear to the seashell and listen.