Marak graha astrology

Also, Marak planets effects should not be limited to health only and can also cause financial and relationship trouble. So the condition of maraka planet should be like, they should not be afflicted by sitting in malefic house or conjunct with malefic houses lord which 6th, 8th, 12th houses. Suppose maraka planet is afflicted by 6th lord or sitting with 6th lord then person will face health issue in dasha period of that planet, if maraka planet is sitting with 8th lord then problem may be worse in that case person may face chronic health issue in the dasha period of that planet.

We can also say that if marak planet is debilitated, afflicted, paap katri, double maraka then we can say it may become dangerous in its dasha period and also if other planet placed in maraka house are capable enough to produce maraka effect especially malefic planets.

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Maraka planet should not be afflicted by malefic planet especially by aspect, conjunction and housewise placement. Maraka planet should not be conjunct in any house especially malefic houses. Debilitated planet in malefic house should not placed in the nakshatra of maraka planet. We are talking about maraka to such extent but result may be moderate to severe depends on various other things.

Maraka planet for ascendent. Aries — For aries ascendent the second and seventh lord is venus so Venus is maraka planet for aries ascendent, so it should not be placed in malefic house like 6th,8th and 12th house, it should be free from affliction of malefic planet like rahu, ketu, saturn, mars, it should not be sitting with 6th,8th and 12th lord. Here Venus represent spouse, finance, speech, family, beauty, comfort, luxury, wealth, business, partnership, hormones, sperm, kidneys and spouse longevity.

11 highly dangerous Graha Dosh that you must remedy

Cancer — For cancer ascendent people the 2nd lord sun and 7th lord saturn is maraka planet which are enemy to each other, saturn and sun both are strong malefic for cancer ascendent people, they should be well placed in chart suppose saturn and sun are placed in exalted sign, friendly sign, mool trikone sign, then will have less malefic nature in the chart, if saturn and sun conjunct in 6th,8th and 12th houses then it may give the worst result to the native. Leo — For leo ascendent people the 2nd lord mercury and 7th lord saturn are maraka planets, they should not be conjunct in malefic houses, here saturn is also lord of 6th house so this indicates troubled marriage and relationship if saturn is not well placed, here saturn represent partner, marriage, business, job, disputes, conflicts, legal issues, low profile people, servant, pets and mercury represent speech,business communication, wealth, family.

However, both planet should be free from malefic aspect, malefic house placement, Debilitation. Libra — For libra ascendent people the the 2nd lord and 7th lord mars act as a maraka planet, mars should not be debilitated for libra people or afflicted with rahu, ketu, saturn.

Scorpio — For scorpio ascendent people the 2nd lord jupitar and 7th lord venus act as a maraka planet both are enemy to each other but one is neutral and other is friendly to the ascendent, her also jupitar is lord of 5th house so jupitar is not strong maraka untill it is weak, afflicted, debilitated, in enemy house but here venus is thr lord of 7th and 12th house if venus makes connection with mercury, rahu, saturn and ketu then it may cause trouble to the native, like health, finance, marriage and career issue to the native, for scorpio ascendent people saturn, mercury, rahu are also enemies to the ascendent so these planet should be free from any affliction received by these malefic planets.

However, you should not be fearful of Shani. The planet Saturn is the ruler of justice. The Shani punishes when you have done some wrong doing in life. Shani Dosh can be different at different time. Hence, it is very important to know the strength of the Shani before getting into conclusion. If the planet Shani is exalted, own signed and Yoga Karak, then Shani will not be harmful. If Shani is Marak and moving over 12 th , 1 st and 2 nd house in the transit, then it will harm severely. Similarly, bad Mahadasha of Shani can have detrimental effect on you when it is weak and afflicted by Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

The Shani Dosh can be extremely harmful. It can create enmity or it may make you poor.

Marak Houses (Hindi) - Astrology - Umang Taneja

It all depends upon the position of the Shani in the birth chart. Here is the small list of Shani Dosha result that you must be careful. There are many remedial measures in astrology to neutralize the negative influence of the Shani. Here is the list of the Vedic astrological remedies for Shani Mahagrah Dosh. In the Vedic astrology, there are many auspicious and inauspicious yogas happen in the birth chart.

The Shrapit Dosh is one of the Dosh that embarrasses the native to a great extent. This Yoga synonymously called as Shrapit Yoga. When the planet Saturn and Rahu conjoins in a birth chart, the Shrapit Dosh occurs. The astrologers consider it as a very bad Graha Dosh in the chart.

Generally speaking, the Shrapit Dosh limits the auspicious result of the native. If you have Rahu and Saturn together in the birth chart, then you have Shrapit Dosh. In such as situation, you will not get desired planetary result. All the work will get postponed. There will be ample hindrances in business, career, wealth creation, money, family life and social life as well. Fortunately, there are remedial measures and rituals to get rid of this inauspicious yoga. Life is a struggle and we have to face it. Sometimes struggle crosses the limits and it becomes beyond tolerance.

You have been earning money. You are extremely frustrated and depressed. The unwanted thoughts and fears becomes the part of your life. The road to success and source of income touches dead end. As we know, Moon or Chandrama plays an important role in predictive astrology, it is very important that the Moon should be powerful and your natal chart is free from Chandra Dosh. The Chandra Dosh happens when the planet Moon conjoined with Rahu.

Such condition of the Moon is also called Chandra Grahan. Since Moon is the significator of the mind, it brings many kinds of unwanted thoughts, depression, fear, hatred, pessimistic feeling etc. When the Moon gets afflicted by any malefic planet and the Moon gets debilitated, then the Chandra Dosh also takes place. When the Moon and Sun conjoins together in the birth chart, the person also suffer from Chandra Dosh. There is possibility of Amavasya born when Sun and Moon conjoin together in the birth chart.

Kemadruma Yoga is one of the most significant Yogas in the Indian Vedic astrology. According to Brihat Jatak by prolific writer Varah Mihir, Kemadruma Yoga happens when both side of the Moon in the birth chart is vacant.

In a nutshell, if the 2 nd house and 12 th house from the Moon is free from any planets, then this yoga takes place. The Kemadruma Yoga is said to be a very nefarious yoga in the Vedic astrology. The person having Kemadruma Yoga will be devoid of wealth, money, knowledge, health, progeny and mental peace. This Yoga can make one a pauper despite having a king size life. However, there is cancellation of Kemadruma Yoga. The wise astrologer can predict if you have a valid Kemadruma dosh in your chart.

Chant Mantra for Lord Shiva. Chanting Shivapanchakshari Mantra can help you to get rid of Kemadruma Yoga. Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Keep fast on Full Moon day for 4 years continuously.

Maraka effects can be defined in the following manner.

Read Sri Suktam every day while performing puja at home. Keep Dakshinavarti conch in the Puja place at home. Keep water in this conch and pour it on the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. Dear Pundit Jee! I always obey your prediction and respect it.

As you had told me to wear moon stone due to chandra dosha, I had worn it on , I got a job in a good company but we all know that time flies and we come out of circumstances we neglect many things. One year back the ring broken and I removed it but forgot to wear it again. After 8 months I lost my job.

Maraka planet in astrology

You got little tempestuous on me but told me to were the moon stone immediately. Yes, I purchased a new one and wore on a Monday with doing all rituals. On the next Friday I got a job. I am not a God fearing but believe in God. I believe in science as well as in spirituality.

Hi Ranjit, I am extremely happy to listen from you. Your positive feedback inspires me a lot. Thanks a zillion. Pitru Dosh happens due to the affliction of the planet Sun. It is very much needed to keep happy to our ancestars. We generally try to keep our Pitru by performing Shradh. Namastey Pandit ji please check Rahu brihaspati shanti has been told me to perform this month. What exactly is this?

Is the year is not good for me. I have born on 20 Sep Let me know how to overcome this.