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Weekly Love Horoscopes California Psychics. Your Weekly Horoscope by astrosofa com. Libra Week Ahead. This Week in Astrology. In October , the retrial of Duckenfield opens; seven weeks later he is acquitted. It is not hard to imagine the devastation of the friends and families who have waited three decades for justice. Thirty years in which they have lost further loved ones to the events of that day in April And still, apparently, no one accountable. Saturn had returned to its original position, accounts were due to be settled, the piper paid and justice seen to be done.

And closure is implicit in a Saturn return too. The Moon, also in Capricorn and applying to Venus, is further evidence of a solid, if not emphatic, result. Also, to my mind, that the Ascendant-descendant axis of the acquittal chart is mirroring the MC-IC axis of the disaster, reinforces that sense of closure, or at least of the matter coming full circle. There are other important echoes of the events of that day in the chart of this recent, and I believe, final verdict, but for now I want only to draw your attention to two.

First, at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, Neptune was stationary-retrograde and on the 28th November, , Neptune was stationary-direct. Second, as the not-guilty verdict was delivered, the position of the Sun at 6 degrees of Sagittarius was exactly opposed to the elevated Jupiter in the chart of the disaster. Sagittarius is a most philosophical sign, as is Jupiter, its ruler. Duckenfield has almost certainly spent every day of those thirty years, reliving the events at Hillsborough, blaming himself for giving that fateful order and wishing he could rewind time.

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His life has been ruined. He has suffered the most severe punishment.

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And it must be said, he has apologized unreservedly for his actions, admitting in court his mistake directly led to the deaths of all 96 victims. Even if some people forgive him, he will never forgive himself. The experience of closure can be elusive. You may be more prone to quarrelling with loved ones this week.

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Chances are, it won't be over anything big. Decans give your Aries monthly horoscope a more personal touch. October 31 to November 10 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness,.

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October 12 to 16 — Sun sextile Jupiter on the 13th brings optimism, good. Furthermore, you might attract money to you through your spouse or a business partner, which means this is a good time to ask for a loan or financial support. You're gung ho to work hard and get things done because you have lots of energy!

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  4. Plus you will take pride in how much you accomplish. Admittedly, you might have to work for others at this time, which not please you. Your best bet is to move yourself into a position where you don't have to work with or for others more than necessary because you don't feel like a team player right now. Meanwhile, Venus guarantees that your relationships will improve - even relations with your enemies. This is because you're able to understand the needs of others and this understanding helps you to work together harmoniously.

    It's a good week to mend broken fences. This week you want to be playful in a sportive way. You will seek out amusements and opportunities for self-expression because you want to do exactly what you want to do. Oh yes, you're not into self-denial or postponing self gratification. No back seat for you! Physical intimacy will be hot and sexy and probably at the expense of romance because you are inclined to put your own needs first right now. What saves the day is your realization that you have to deal with the real world - not just fantasies in your mind.


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    This makes you willing to discuss agreements with others, accept your real duties, and do what is expected of you. Definitely moments of blowing hot and cold. The insanity and increased chaos at home are a clear message to you.

    You have to be tolerant with loved ones and family members. Visiting guests, renovations, residential moves and people at home who don't agree with you will try your patience. And hey, you do not need domestic strife. Fortunately, for you, the ace in your hip pocket is that fair Venus is travelling through your Fifth House, which promotes fun and games and pleasure with your kids. Creative activities will please you.

    Romance will flourish.

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    You have earned this right to take a break and enjoy yourself - no guilt, no apologies. You are a natural leader; plus you are theatrical and admittedly, melodramatic. Nevertheless, right now you identify with your ideas and opinions so strongly, you might be argumentative.