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The Rabbit is fourth in the order of all the Chinese zodiac animals. According to one folktale, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party. The Rabbit left for the party at daybreak. As he got closer to the door, he realized that no other animal had arrived before him. The Rabbit was confident that he would still finish first even if he relaxed for a bit. He took a nap and as soon as he woke up, there had been three other animals that arrived at the party. Rabbits take everything they do seriously; they want to be treated the same way they treat others.

Some may see the kindness of Rabbits as a weakness when in truth, it masks their confidence and strength. They steadily strive toward their goal regardless of the negativity others give them. Rabbits make great scholars as they are highly rational and pay attention to detail. However, they have difficulty opening up to others and have the tendency to seek distraction from unpleasant realities. Men born in the year of the Rabbit strive to live a peaceful life.

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They avoid conflict as much as possible. This makes them appear like yes-men but they still have lines they will never cross.

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These men like to help their wives with chores and they enjoy organizing and decorating. They can be great as friends but are not comfortable with the idea of being too close to someone. Women born in the year of the Rabbit love social interaction.

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They are thoughtful and polite as they try to maintain their public image. They are very much against violence and arguing. They give their all into a relationship when they fall in love. They also need constant reassurance as they tend to be insecure. Both Rabbits and Dogs desire to live peaceful lives. They would work toward this end in harmony.

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Rabbits enjoy taking care of others while Goats need someone to lean on in times of trouble. Rabbits and Roosters are not compatible and even being in the same room can result in the prettiest of arguments.

Although Rabbits and Dragons have similar goals in life, their differences in personalities become a hindrance. Rabbits have a hard time reconciling their differences with Rats and their relationship can only get worse over time. Since Rabbits are empathetic and have sensitive artistic feelings, they are best suited for jobs that require creativity. They often excel in art, music, architecture, and literature. They are also fit for jobs that require attention to detail such as business consultation and translation.

Generally speaking, you will have a great performance in your work place with clear and creative ideas. In this way, your wealth condition will be also stable. I had being struggling for quite some years financially. I'm just wondering if I will ever recuperate and when will my career take a turn for the best and become financially secure. Also will I ever find love so I could finally married. Thank you. Based on the Chinese zodiac prediction, your situations of career and wealth will change into a good stage in early You will be busy at work and may work overtime in order to have several developments.

There is one thing you need to pay attention to. You are not advised to invest some money on unfamiliar fields. Or you may lose some money. Answered by Aiden Sep.

Earth Rabbit Personality Horoscope

Sorry, I cannot find the natal chart for your birth date. Maybe you can look through some information on this website. What's the compatibility of a married couple comprising a female Fire Rabbit and a male Wood Ox? Don't worry. You are born to be a good match. You are all very smart people, and can be best partners in business.

You can create a bright future and gain an everlasting relationship. Married to snake Apr 3, - is this a strong marriage. I feel he is or has cheated. Well, to be honest, your love compatibility index is not high.

Years of the Rabbit

Rabbits are quiet lovers. They prefer to be attracted to someone because of their wit rather than just by what meets their eyes.


While they may take time approaching someone or even letting down their proverbial walls for someone, once they do things tend to progress very quickly. This quiet Chinese zodiac sign is always watching, always careful in life and relationships. Because of this they tend to overthink situations and make matters more complicated or worse than they are. Their overly cautious nature can sometimes lead them to think the worst of situations, and because of this others can see them as superficial when in reality they are just being protective of what they show to the outside world.

Building trust with Rabbits is extremely important because without it they always seem just one moment from running away. However, once you have a Rabbit, you tend to have them for life. They are extremely faithful even through the most difficult of situations. When this introverted sign feels misunderstood, confused or let down, they retreat into a world of their own making.