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Like Sub, house grouping is another very important concept in KP System. For every important aspect of human life, one house has been given primary importance and few other houses have been given secondary importance. All these houses together are known as group of houses for an aspect. Let us take an example of marriage, for marriage house number 7th has been given primary importance. Because 7th house is taken as the house for spouse — husband or wife. If you don't have any astrology background, you can refer house signification table under the heading 'House' above.

House number 2 and 11 are said to be supportive house for marriage. In our traditional astrology, 2nd house is the house for family and 11th house is the house for friends and fulfillment of desire. So we can say that for marriage we have to judge house number 2, 7 and This is house grouping for marriage. Similarly, we can group houses for other major aspects of our life. I am tabulating house grouping for some of the important aspects as follows -.

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A planet signifies various houses in the order of strength as follows - Level 1. House occupied by the star lord of the planet. Significator for a house in the order of strength are as follows — Level 1. Planets in the star of occupants of that house Level 2. Planets in that house Level 3. Planets in the star of owners of that house Level 4.

Owner of that house Sigificators are mentioned in the order of strength. It means that the significators at level 1 is more powerful than the significators at level 2. Significators at level 2 are more powerful than significators at level 3 and so on. Let us take an example of house number 6 in our example chart - Level 1. Planets in the star of the occupant of the 6th house Saturn - Ketu Level 2. Planets in 6th house - Saturn Level 3.

The easy way is to take from the above table of planet significations, i. Let us take another example of house number 10 in the example chart - Level 1. Planets in the star of the occupants of 10th house i.

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Planet in the star of the owner Jupiter - no planet in the star of Jupiter Level 4. NOTE: 1. Planets conjoined or aspected by the above significators level 1 to 4 are also the 5th level weakest significators. Rahu and Ketu are not planet in true sense. These are shadow planets and do not have any physical existance. In our example, Rahu signifies houses 5 and 10 by its own. Rahu also signifies 5, 10, and 4 by being agent of Mercury. Rahu also signifies houses 10 and 6 by being agent of Jupiter but less prominently than by being agent of Mercury.

Rahu also signifies houses 10, 6, 11, 12 by being agent of Saturn, but even less prominently than Jupiter and Mercury. In other words, though Rahu acts an agent of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, we will take Mercury only otherwise we will be confused with too many houses signified. As mentioned above, a planet gives result of the houses in order of Level 1 to Level 4. Though we must note that if there is no planet in that planets star, the planet is called self-strength planet and gives results in following order -.

Level 2. House occupied by the planet itself Level 1. Level 4. Houses owned by the planet itself Level 3. Houses owned by the star lord of the planet. Ruling Planets RP is a divine tool to help astrologers. As the name suggests, Ruling Planets are the planets that rule a particular moment. KP System considers total 5 ruling planets in the order of strength as follows -. Ruling Planets are generally used in conjunction with birth charts or horary charts.

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Sometimes RPs also have some other independent applications like predicting minor events and rectification of birth time. Rahu and Ketu act as agents to other planets. Please see section "Shadow Planets - Rahu and Ketu" below for more information. Day lord for each day is as follows -. The day on 18th January was Sunday, so the day lord will be Sun. Note: 1. Hindu day starts from sunrise and last till next sunrise. We have to take 'day lord' according to Hindu day only. As discussed above, when you are judging particular aspect of life, you have to check significators of the group of houses related to that aspect of life.

Planetary Significators

For example, if you have to find out the time of marriage, house group is 2, 7 and 11 see the table above. So, you need to find out significators of house number 2, 7 and Sometime, you get many significators for judging an aspect of life. For example, if we have to find out, when will the native of the example chart get a new job.

For job, we have to judge 2, 6, 10 and Now here are the significators.

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Now here is the dilemma for the astrologer. Exalted planets if they are combust or retrograde or in neecha or inimical navamsa can even produce evil results. Exalted planets confer better results if they are situated alone in their respective signs of exaltation, they become constrained in the presence of other planets that are not their ' dispositors '. The kendras and the trikonas not occupied by a Tara-graha indicate a turbulent life.

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If benefic planets and malefic planets occupy the kendras , and the Moon is either conjoined with Saturn or is in a navamsa owned by Saturn or if all three natural benefics along with the Moon, even if occupying own, friendly or exaltation signs, occupy inimical or neecha navamsas and Saturn is in the lagna cause yoga which makes one lead a very miserable life. Janardan Harji in his Mansagari reiterates that the presence of Karaka-grahas will raise even a lowly-born to the status of a minister, the one born in a royal family will certainly be crowned a king, and adds that a benefic planet situated in the 2nd house from the Sun and the rest occupying the kendras give long-lasting riches and if the lords of the lagna and the Chandra-lagna along with Jupiter occupy the 10th house one becomes very fortunate or if Jupiter is in the lagna , Venus in the 4th, Mercury in the 7th and Mars is situated in the 10th house a person will be very fortunate, very wealthy and very generous.

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This house represents our fortune, religion and righteousness. Father, spiritual inclinations, intuition, charity, duty, destiny, long journey, foreign travel and settlement. Abroad education, sudden and unexpected gains, pilgrimages, philosophy, law, History, etc. This house signifies your body parts — thighs, left leg, thigh bones, hips, hip joints and the arterial system, bone marrow etc.

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If your 10th house and its lord are weak or in malefic affliction then you should suffer from diabetes, rheumatism and troubles in hips and thighs, vulnerability to anaemia, blood-related problem, leukaemia, high fevers, etc. The tenth house known as Karma Bhava, this is the House of your Career. Through this astrologer can predict about your career, service, business, property, income, pleasures, wealth, financial status, social status, nature of education, nature of job, religious deeds, vocation, promotion, name and fame, power, status, position, honor, karma in life, character, government, authority, employer, ambition etc.

This house signifies your body parts — knee and kneecaps, joints and bones.